Tips to Avoid Suffering Injuries When Using a Treadmill

using a treadmill

With technological advancements, many types of treadmills are now available. They are popular among many people because they help them achieve their cardio fitness needs at home without having to travel to the gym. Recent studies have shown that they can cause a wide range of injuries. You should note that injuries affect people of various ages, whether in the gym or at home. You can avoid treadmill injuries by knowing the common mistakes to avoid. These are ways you can avoid these injuries.


It does not matter the exercise you do; you need to prepare your body for it. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to warm up. Although it may be tempting to get to the treadmills and begin working out, your body ought to adjust itself to the run. You should note that cold muscles may not have adequate blood flow and may lack flexibility. Therefore, there is a need to warm up so you can perform stretches and various motion exercises.

Cool Down

treadmill usersAfter performing your workouts, it is a good idea to cool down. In fact, cooling down is equally important as warming up. It is advisable to reduce the treadmill speed as you approach the end of your workout session. There are treadmill machines designed to cool down 2 minutes before the end of your workout session. Remember that cooling down your muscles helps prevent injury as muscles tighten quickly.

Stop the Treadmill Before Stepping Off

A lot of people step off the treadmill machine as it moves. Doing so is likely to result in an injury. Although you may think it is not dangerous, doing so, you are making a huge mistake. Ensure your treadmill machine has completely stopped before you alight. Before you start exercising, ensure you have everything you need onboard. That is because you may be tempted to get your bottle of water as the treadmill runs, and you end up injuring yourself. Also, have your towel on board.

Get Correct Posture

You should avoid anything that will spin off your posture. For instance, you should avoid leaning left or right to view the TV or check how your colleague is doing. It is advisable to get a treadmill equipped with a TV if you have to watch it when exercising. Always keep the shoulders down and your arms relaxed.