Use an Ergonomic Chair to Reduce Backache

kneeling chair

man on kneeling chair Most people who work in offices spend many hours a day behind a desk.

This is even truer if the job involves a person being at the computer always.

Technology has made people’s life much easier and more productive. We can all achieve so many things with a few clicks on our computers. Jobs like working at a bank or working at a software company requires workers to be seated for most of the day.

However, the human body is not built for long periods of inactivity. And this gets worse when we sit on any traditional office chairs. Extended hours of being seated causes many people to have spine problems, backaches and lower back aches. Why does this happen? Well, traditional chairs are not ergonomic. If you want to find out more about ergonomics, you can go online and do a detailed search.

Many office furniture suppliers use the word ergonomic as a sales tool. But real ergonomics are found in chairs such as the kneeling chair. Some of you reading this article may have seen them, and some may have not. However, a kneeling chair can in fact, be the solution for a person who sits for long hours during their work.kneeling chair impact

A kneeling chair as seen in the picture consists of a seat and knee rest. The body weight is, therefore, shared by the seat and the knees putting less strain on the spine. A kneeling chair also keeps a person to sit upright and slightly forward which keeps the spine in a very good position.

Kneeling chair’s aren’t that expensive to buy. They can be purchased at many stores that specialise in ergonomic chairs. Using a kneeling chair will help a person avoid getting backaches from long hours at a desk or computer. Not having backaches reduces stress as well and in turn, less stress means more productivity.

It is always a good idea to take care of your back as even though you may not feel it now, when a person gets older, the seating habits from before always play up. We all want to be independent when we get old, and it is always good to start early and keep your body in good health.

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