Best Massage Chairs From Panasonic

When you need to relax to the fullest, a good massage chair can help you in that. All tension in your body releases and you always feel better after it. Panasonic produces one of the most popular massage chairs. They offer quality treatment and do not cost much. Here are some good models that you can consider when you want to buy one of Panasonic massage chairs.

Panasonic massage chairs

Peal Pro Ultra Massage Chair EP-30007KX

This chair has an option of choosing between 5 programs, and you can enjoy in Swedish or Shiatsu treatment. Not only your back is included. Your feet also get a massage thanks to removable and adjustable plates that serve as reflexology. They stimulate your feet and increase circulation in a natural way. Overall coverage is more than 290 square inches, and Panasonic provides specific “Junetsu” therapy with this chair. This means super-kneading, which is based on sophisticated thumb massage of a real therapist. You get five years long warranty on parts and a secured enjoyment with this chair.

Modern Collection Massage Chair with Chiro Mode

If you are looking for a cheap option from Panasonic brand, this chair might be perfect for you. There are eight manual operations like Hawaiian, Knead, Soft Shiatsu and more. For the full relaxation, you can use Chiro Mode, which is the exclusive method for decreasing fatigue in muscles and getting a good posture. An option for fast therapy includes all eight modes in 5 minutes so that you can get immediate relief. With only one button touch, you are getting personalized approach, and this is the advantage of a remote mode. This chair is budget friendly when comparing to other Panasonic products. At the same time, you can enjoy in its practical features that are numerous.

Real Pro Ultra 3D Massage Chair EP-MA70CX Ivory

The design of this chair will certainly amaze you. Its Ivory color makes this chair especially attractive. Besides design, it offers many functions for deep relaxation and releasing tension. Heated heads inside simulate warm hands of a therapist, which is perfect for increasing blood circulation. Your arms and hands also get treatment even in lying position. Advantaged option of 3D massage is achieved with rollers that move in many different directions. This is a perfect way to lie down and enjoy completely.

If you consider buying some massage chair, these Panasonic massage chairs are always a good choice whenever you need a good rest. This kind of investment is always a smart one.

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