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6 Kickboxing Training Tips

Kickboxing is a sport that is more or less as boxing though allows the utilization of kicks. Whether you are into kickboxing training as part of exercise or to participate in the game itself, it is good to know how to go about it. In kickboxing, two distinctive styles are; Muay Thai and American Kickboxing. In this post, we are going to look at tips for kickboxing training.

Kickboxing tips

1. Warm up

As in any other exercise and training, you need to warm up and let your body pick up the momentum of the training. This can be achieved by a short run, skipping or even bouncing on tires. This aids in improving body balance which matters a lot in kickboxing. A warm up period of 15 minutes is ideal to prepare your body muscles for the training ahead.

2. Running

Running is known to develop and improve the legs’ stamina. It is advisable to run early in the morning. The distance covered every day should vary and a one day rest every week is recommended. A good way of covering varied distance is to increase gradually the distance you cover each day. It is good to invest in good running shoes and to be careful when running on uneven ground to avoid possible injuries.

3. Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is a great way to learning the Muay Thai kickboxing style. Shadow boxing allows you to practice where you can observe and even correct movements. Remember to take full advantage of movement range while shadow boxing.

4. Free weights

The use of free weights will improve build your strength. Make use of dumb-bells and lighter weights by doing repetitive motions. This will give you the best advantage in your training as free weights do not limit the range of movement as compared to fixed weight machines. However, it is very important to be careful during training so as to avoid injury.

5. Bag work

Bag work allows you to work on hanging bags. This helps you to build your stamina and kicks power while at the same time toughening your body. The kicking of the bags is a good way of conditioning your shins.

6. Speed ball

The use of a speed ball during your training allows you improve your coordination. This is because speed enables you to move faster as well as work on your punching. This has been found to be an excellent way of building your shoulders to be able to maintain an active guard.

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How to avail of great savings at iHerb?

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