Things to Know before Applying a Beard Dye

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Trying not to look our age may involve doing a lot of things so we can appear a little younger. Skincare, exercise, diet, and lifestyle are important factors that can make us look and feel younger than our real age. But what must be the fastest way to remedy it is to dye our greying hair and our beards too.

Yes. There are beard dying products now available. Before, men with greying beards have three options, to pluck the greying hairs, bear with it, or do away with that ugly beard by shaving it completely. With a beard dye, you can keep that masculine-looking mustache, trim it, and enhance it with a lighter shade and boom! You look younger and more handsome than ever.

But before applying a beard dye, you should read carefully what is written on the label so that Everything You Need To Know About Bigen Beard Dye is very well understood. Take a look at the following tips.


Search for the Safest Brand

When choosing the right beard dye, you always look for the label with no potent chemicals that can harm your skin or your health in general. It should be hypoallergenic. Remember that your goal is to look better and younger. Buy the hair dye that will only enhance the color of your beard and not cause allergic reactions that might give you unwanted marks on your face.

Read the Instructions Properly

To get the best results and avoid unwanted effects, you must read the instructions that come with the product. Follow it strictly if it is your first time to use the product. Prepare all needed items before you start dying your beard.

Follow Precautions Strictly

Be aware of the precautions that are written on the product. Try not to miss anything because it might not give you the best result while exposing you to harm. It is always good to follow precautions to the best that we can. Always perform the skin test to see if you have any allergic reaction to the beard dye. A skin test is done by applying the skin mixture on the palmar side of your elbow. You are allergic to the dye if you encounter irritations in the area.

Mix According to Instructions

Beard dyes may come in two forms. One may be pre-mixed and ready to apply, while the second type needs to be mixed. When your beard dye is of the second type, you usually have two components, the dye itself and the color developer. You have to mix them according to instructions.

beardApply with Care

Prepare with all the needed materials like hairbrush and comb, towels, water, gloves, sink towels, color-enhancing shampoo, and your beard dye. Don’t wash your face before dying your beard because it will lose the natural oil on your skin and hair. You should also wear an old shirt because it will surely get stained anyway. If you have someone to apply the dye, it would be better. But if you have only yourself to do it, then you can do it with utmost care.

Be aware of the time. All brands give you the maximum time that the dye can take effect. But if you are using the dye for the first time, you can extend for a few minutes if you don’t feel any irritation. This will make sure that your dye has taken effect.

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